Tired of sorting and folding? Let us do the work. You don't even have to leave home. If you stay in or near Stellenbosch, we'll pick up and deliver straight from your home or office. Imagine that. Clean clothes,folded and organised and you didn't even leave your seat.


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With this deal, you can wash your laundry once a week from 24 July 2018 to 17 November 2018. Add on's: • 8.5 kg Separate wash R1200 extra • Iron 5 x items per load R500 extra • Iron 10 x items per load R950 extra • No-heat tumble dry R350 extra • Collection and delivery R350 extra And here's more good news. If you don't hand in your laundry that week you can hand in double your laundry the next. So no stress. We're totally flexible. After that, we continue as usual. Easy peasy.

R 1870
  • (6.5 kg / wash max per week)

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R 2450
  • (8.5 kg / wash max per week)

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From state of the art laundry facilites to excellent service,we always strive to provide the very best laundry experience possible. Start to finish


How does the laundry process work?

“We start by collecting your laundry from one of our shops, or from your home. Then we take it to our laundry in plankenburg, Stellenbosch. Next, your washing goes through a sorting process, before it is washed in cold water, and dried. Finally, your laundry is packed in plastic and delivered to one of our shops, or your home.”

Why should I use the underwear bags?

“Wet underwear can easily get stuck in the drum of a washing machine, which is sometimes very dicult to see. Underwear like a bra for example can get damaged if the metal clip gets hooked onto the drum of the washing machine or dryer.Socks can also easily fall out of a washing basket. We have procedures in place to prevent items from getting lost, but if you want to be really safe, we recommend using an underwear bag for your laundry.”

What is the difference between separate wash and together wash?

“Together means everything get washed all at once. Separate is when we separate your light or white clothing from darker items and wash them separately.”

Why do I pay more for separate wash than a together wash?

“Your clothing will use close to double the resources in labour and washing.”

What does no heat tumble dry mean?

“Simple. That’s when our tumble dryers’ elements are turned o, and they only use cold air to dry your laundry.”

Why does no heat tumble dry cost more than normal tumble dry?

“Wet clothing in a no heat tumble dry can take up to four times longer to dry than with the normal heat tumble dryer.”


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